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Fat Loss & Me… Part 6

This week in class I was chatting to one of my clients and she said she had read my last fat loss blog post. She then said 'not that you need to lose fat!'.

I just want to make it super clear that I am not currently in a fat loss phase because I think I need to lose fat.

I am super happy in my body and I am super happy in my self.

For the last few years, for the first time in my almost 40 years, I can say confidently, that I am not unhappy with the way I look.

I do not think I need to lose weight and I don't want to lose weight.

I spent around 35 years of my life hating my body, hating myself and wishing I was someone else. I have worked hard on my mindset and my relationship with myself and now, I'm really at peace.

Even with the bits I still don't like as much!

The reason I am currently in a fat loss phase, is because I have spent almost 4 years lifting weights and I simply want to see how the muscle is looking underneath.

I want to see how much muscle I've actually built and essentially the outcome of my weight training.

With too high a body fat percentage, I simply can't do that!

Most women I meet, when I ask them what their goals are, say 'to tone up' which simply means they want to lose enough body fat to see muscle definition underneath.

Realistically, if you want to do this, the best thing to do is to build muscle first and then focus on dieting.

You can do both at the same time, this is called body recomposition, but muscle growth is slower if calories are restricted.

Essentially you're trying to do two things that work at opposite ends of the scale.

5 week comparison pics from Week 1 to Week 5

Of course, I take it as a massive compliment that anyone would kindly tell me I don't need to lose weight, but even when I wanted to lose weight years ago (and felt I needed to!), I still wouldn't have listened to anyone who had told me that!

This is why my Fat Loss Programme exists.

I was always in two minds of whether or not I wanted to 'promote' weight loss... because I genuinely don't think anyone needs to lose weight.

I do understand however, from personal experience, that sometimes we are just unhappy in ourselves, and we want to change that.

I would rather guide and support someone as best I can, and empower them with the knowledge and science to fat loss, than see them turn to fad dieting, toxic slimming clubs or extreme measures.

So this is why I do what I do!

The next programme begins this Sunday!

My last week on the programme has been hard work, I've really put my all into smashing every goal, after a few weeks of not being able to do what I wanted.

This is what happens when we set a goal.

Some weeks we smash it, other weeks we just get by.

Don't forget, 2 weeks out of 5 of this programme my weight stayed the same.

That's normal and natural.

We can't expect to see results every week!

My steps average this week is over 20k a day - I have pounded the walks and my kids have loved it!

In fact, just this week my daughter told me (on one of our daily walks) that she is so happy that I'm a 'fit' Mum because it means she gets to walk with me every day and spend time talking to me.

I love the benefits of my passion for fitness being so positive for my children.

Maggie and me on a walk this week, wrapping up now the winter weather has arrived!

I managed to train 4 times at the gym which is the first time in about 4 weeks I've done this, and I feel more focused because of it.

I'm currently on day 26 of my menstrual cycle which means it's downhill from here to my period and the luteal phase is in full swing.

This week will be the hardest one to navigate with the hormonal changes that happen... More tired, more hungry, hotter, grouchier and less motivation... Oh the joys of being a woman!

This is something I talk about a lot to the women I coach, it's so important to know how your hormones affect fat loss and your body.

I will work around it by getting earlier nights in, trying to do more earlier in the week than later when I'll really be feeling it, being kind to myself and lowering the weights at the gym.

I'll also probably eat a little more as my body will be wanting it, but ensure I stock up on protein to keep me feeling full and stop me turning to sugary snacks.

I'm really happy with my results (below) this last week. but I know that this will be the hardest week to see a difference on the scales due to water retention.

Did you know you can retain up to 5 pounds of water in the lead up to your period??!

I will mentally prepare myself for this with the knowledge I have on how my body works and will focus on all my achievements to date and remember, as always, the bigger picture.

One week to the next isn't where we see the difference, it's where we are, versus where we began.

I've lost almost 5kg in 5 weeks!

Whatever happens on the scales next week, I have achieved so much over the last 6 weeks and I am really looking forward to continuing for another 6 weeks.

My comparison photos really tell the bigger picture now, which is why I always encourage my clients to take photos, measure and weigh - simply relying on the scales won't tell you the full story.

My Christmas Party is on Sat 2nd December and I'm going to focus on this date to continue to diet and from then, it's relax and enjoy Christmas!

I can't wait to see the difference in my body then, if this is what I've achieved in 5 weeks!

Week 1 to week 5 results!

My current fat loss clients are doing so well.

I love hearing their comments and their 'non-scale' victories too, which is why I keep in regular contact with them to see how each week goes.

It's not about putting pressure on them, or shaming them for anything they haven't done or things they've ate that they 'shouldn't' (which we all know I don't believe in anyway!).

It's about me being there to say, 'look at what you have achieved!' and not focusing on the what they haven't.

We can't change the past, only the future.

One of my clients, who is notoriously hard on herself, said to me today -

'I'm really proud that even though I went away with work for two days and had to eat out, I came home and just got right back to it!'

This is a MASSIVE step for her mentally, and I'm so happy that she's finally recognising situations for what they are, and no longer beating herself up for things out of her control.

So, if you want to be part of the FINAL FAT LOSS PROGRAMME this year (wow!!!) then you'll need to book by THIS FRIDAY (20th October).

The full 6 week programme is £95 for first timers, or just £60 if you've done the programme previously and need the accountability.

As always, I only take on 8 women, and spaces are almost gone, so if you want to join, BOOK HERE -

Are you ready to join me?

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