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Need to Know

What if I haven't exercised since my baby was born?

I can’t believe I get asked this so often!

After having a baby, it’s very hard to know when and where to fit in exercise.

With so many hormonal, physical, mental and even emotional changes within our body (and mind!), it’s a minefield on where to even start - and also to find the motivation to do it, especially as a new Mum!

One thing I can absolutely promise you though, is that you CAN safely get back into fitness after having a baby, as long as you have the right expert guidance, support and suitable, modified exercise for your postnatal body- which is exactly where I come in!

Mamau Ffit is your absolute START POINT for gently getting back into exercise from around the 6-12 week mark after having your baby, depending on your type of delivery.

This is why our classes - Baby Ffit: Recover exist - just for you!

Everyone is different and if your ‘new baby’ is now more of a pre-schooler and you still haven’t taken that step, it’s NEVER too late!

I will still handle you with the same care and support as everyone else, new Mums, beginners, regular exercisers and anyone in-between!

I can modify exercises whatever your postnatal need- c section, lower back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain and so on.

I can also make it HARDER so don’t think it won’t be a challenge if you’re ready for the next step- I can get ANYONE to work up a sweat!

Whether it’s your fitness level or a change within your body as a result of having a baby, I can safely guide you to the exercises that are right for YOUR body, specific to YOU.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced are ALL welcome in our classes, as well as your little ones- it really is a safe, supportive and fun environment and your FIRST port of call to beginning or continuing your postnatal fitness journey - whichever stage you’re at!

What does 'Postnatally Recovered' mean?

If you are looking at our Military Ffit Bootcamp, Run Ffit Programme or Strong Ffit workouts, it is important that you are physically ready and able to tackle these before you sign up.

I use the term 'postnatally recovered' as a benchmark for these workouts - quite simply because there is no 'magic time' that Mums are ready to take higher impact options... it honestly depends on your personal recovery.

I always recommend that new Mums join our Mum & Baby classes first - as these will give you a taster for the 'Plus' classes without it being too intense and not suitable for your body whilst it is still in recovery mode.

New mums and mums still breast-feeding will have higher levels of the hormone, Relaxin, in their body and therefore will need to be more mindful when exercising.

Starting with low impact exercise and strengthening core, lower body and pelvic floor is a MUST before you try anything harder... remember, don't run before you can walk!

If you have worked on this base level of fitness and strength and have not discovered any postnatal issues - such as a weak pelvic floor or stomach separation - then you may well be on your way to progressing things!

I will check every health form received and ask any further questions I feel I may need to, to assess your suitability for any of our classes.

It is important you are frank with me on these, and also seek clearance from a medical professional if you feel there is any reason you shouldn't be exercising.

So, for some of you - you may be ready at 6 months, for others it may be a little further down the line.

I wouldn't personally recommend anyone joining these particular workouts before this point - however, as I said, I will look at each lady on an individual basis, and ultimately it is your decision (I can only advise in my professional opinion). 

You will thank me for advising you to start off small and build up gradually - I promise.

Just because the exercise is harder doesn't mean it's right for you just now... be patient and remember Mama, you've just grown a baby!

Can children come along to classes?


As a Mum myself I am more than aware of the difficulty it is trying to fit working out into your schedule when you have children!

Even in our 'ladies only' classes, children are welcome - I just won't bring toys or playmats for them like I do in the specific 'Mum & Baby' classes.

Do you HAVE to be a Mum?

Absolutely not!

I have many ladies who adore both my online and physical classes who are child-free.

Just because my workouts allow children to attend, certainly doesn't make them any easier on the participants!

You can also attend without your children too - you don't have to bring a baby along to join us... I always say if you have a Nana on hand for babysitting duties - make the most of that free time!!

How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

I am a specialist in what I do, which is work with women only, specifically pre and postnatal ladies.

I am also a Mums myself so I GET IT!

I am a Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Fitness  Specialist, Level 2 Gym Instructor and am currently finishing my Level 3 Personal Trainer as we speak!

I have 2 years experience within the fitness industry as a professional and 7 years experience at being a Mummy and understanding my own postnatal body!

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Once I have qualified as a PT I will be able to offer this service as a solo product or add on to any other service. 

Exercise and diet go hand in hand, after all!

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

You don't need a lot to get started but a small resistance band, of a heavy resistance will be beneficial as well as some light dumbbells - ideally 1-2kgs depending on your current ability.

If you have a hard floor, I recommend a yoga mat but you could always use a towel for now!

Argos and Amazon are great places to get low cost home workout equipment.

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