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Available Programmes


Baby Ffit: Recover

Perfect for new Mums!

This low impact, education and exercise programme is ideal for new Mums, or any postnatal women (regardless of how old their children are!), who are wanting to get back into fitness gently and safely.

Each one-hour class focuses on rebuilding muscular strength and fitness lost during pregnancy, recruiting and working the deep core muscles to aid stomach recovery and heal diastasis recti (stomach separation) and reconnecting with the pelvic floor through guided pelvic floor recruitment and relaxed, diaphragmatic breathwork.

You will learn what your body has gone through during pregnancy and the type of birth you had and how that will affect you postnatally.

You will explore the connection between your core, pelvic floor, and the hormonal changes that cause muscular imbalances and those dreaded postnatal aches and pains.

PLUS, you will be taken through how to correct all of these issues and build a solid, strong foundation for life - and all that motherhood throws at you!

You will be shown the exercises you need to heal your body, along with weekly emails with follow-at-home videos to continue your rehabilitation from the comfort of your own home, inbetween our sessions.

Each week the exercises progress so you will feel challenged and motivated to continue your supported postnatal fitness journey.

Mental health is also covered within this programme and the emphasis on learning and understanding what your body, and mind, has been through...

This isn't about 'bouncing back' - it's about acknowledging yourself for everything you have endured and leaving with a newfound confidence and respect.

The aim is to leave the programme feeling ready for the next stage of fitness, if you wish to continue (see Baby Ffit: Plus classes), feeling stronger and more resilient than ever before and with a new respect for everything you have been through to bring your little one into this world!

This programme is designed as a 'first step to postnatal health & fitness' and is designed with new mums in mind, any ladies looking for a gentler route into exercise, or any postnatal women who have been affected by a traumatic or difficult pregnancy or birth.

New mums should be a minimum of 4-6wks pp to join after a vaginal birth or 6-8wks pp after a complicated or abdominal (c section) birth. If unsure, please check T&C's or get in touch.


Baby Ffit Plus

Perfect for mums ready to sweat!

45min circuit class aimed at Mums who are ready to take their fitness to the next level and really getting a sweat on!

Exercises will be medium-high impact and focussed around improving fitness levels, building strength and improving on an already base level of fitness.

Expect dumbbells, kettlebells and more from this 'next step' Mum and Baby class designed to push you out of your comfort zone!

This class is the perfect follow on from Baby Ffit: Recover.

Recommended for Mums 16wks PP and above.

Babies & Toddlers welcome, toys provided!

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Group PT - Bump Friendly!

Strength Building & Empowering

Personal training without the price tag.


Learn to deadlift and squat your way to a stronger and more confident you!


Focused PT session in a small, group setting utilising different weights.

Perfect for all ladies - prenatal, postnatal, peri/menopausal and beyond!

All exercises will be adjusted per individual client to ensure suitability.

Great combined with our fat loss programme for overall change in body composition.

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Strong Ffit

Perfect for ladies needing accountability!

45 minute ladies only evening classes designed to push you to your limits... 

Think weights, sweat, loud music and FUN in that order!

If you want a PT but without the price tag, this small group (max 12 participants) weights-based circuit class will have you building muscle, losing fat and improving fitness and energy levels in abundance!


Pram Ffit

Perfect for social Mums!

45 minute outdoor exercise class designed to improve fitness levels, build strength and help you feel great!

Get your body moving, take in some fresh air and meet other ladies in this fun, relaxed and mixed ability workout group.

No fancy pram needed... or at all, you can even come without your little ones!

Recommended for Mums 16wks PP and above.

Pram Ffit is delivered in various locations around Newport & Cwmbran - check the timetable page for more info!

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Online Ffit

Perfect for working Mums!

Online access in a private Facebook group to over 80 pre-recorded workouts, available to catch up with in your own time.

With a solid focus on progression, our online workouts include strength work to build muscle and tone up, cardio workouts to improve your fitness levels, stamina and agility and a variety of fun, fast-paced and challenging exercise formats to keep you engaged and motivated to reach your goals.

Recommended for all ladies, Mums must be postnatally recovered. Not suitable for Mums-to-be.

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Run Ffit

Perfect for 'new to running' Mums!

An 8 week programme designed to help beginners reach the target of running for 30 minutes consistently, by the end.

Think couch to 5k, but designed with ladies (and Mums) in mind.

Each week you will build on your running from the previous week and be amazed at how quickly your fitness levels will improve.

Recommended for all ladies, Mums must be postnatally recovered.

Run Ffit will be back in Jan 2023 - make sure you join the mailing list to be first to know when booking opens at the end of the year!

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