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Fat Loss & Me… Part 5

Today marks 4 weeks into my current fat loss programme.

For those reading this for the first time, I've been making a weekly blog about my own progress and results on it, to demonstrate exactly what the programme involves and how realistically it feels!

If you haven't caught the first parts, go back to blogs and have a read to catch up with it week by week, so far!

Before I go into my week, I just thought I'd give a little update on my current fat loss clients!

So I currently have 6 ladies on the programme and all of them have lost weight, as well as inches.

For some, they have seen the weight come off more quickly, whilst for others (and myself!) it's been a bit more gradual.

Some weeks we have seen no scales change and no measurements change, BUT (and it's a bit BUTT 🤪) it does not mean we aren't making progress.

One of my clients said last week that she felt the week had been 'a write off'.

This was because she had been away with work and had eaten out a lot, and hadn't got in as much planned exercise in as she wanted.

I reminded this client that during this 'write off' of a week, she had -

  • Consistently tracked her calories

  • Been more mindful in her eating habits

  • Consciously increased her activity levels

She has continued to be aware of breaking her old habits (mindless evening snacking being one) and not fallen back into those.

I will tell you exactly what I told her,

"Like I always say, we can’t change the past and we can only do what’s in our control and not what’s out of our control. Focus on those things"

This is exactly what she had done, and guess what, her worry was unfounded and she is continuing to see progress weekly.

Try not to get into a 'catastrophising' mindset when it comes to your progress.

Life happens, unavoidable things happen, shit happens!

It's not falling over that's the problem, it's beating ourselves up about it, and not getting right back up that hinders future progress!

A great way to keep focused is to create routine around your health & fitness goals, and setting a time & day to exercise, is a great start to better long-term habits!

So results are definitely coming, like I say, not as quickly as people would like, but ladies, Rome wasn't built in a day!

We are quick enough to complain about 'only' losing half a pound, but if we were consistently GAINING half a pound each week, we would soon get annoyed!!!

I always try to focus on the results overall, the weight & measurements lost over the period we have been dieting, and not over just one week.

As always, there are so many variables when it comes to your body, that we simply can't pin all our results on what we see on the scales.

Trust in the process and keep making the changes and you'll get there, having someone to support you during this process is where I come in!

It's not always about 'knowing' what to do, to lose weight, but having someone to navigate the times with you, when you're doubting yourself and your efforts.

So back to my week, it's been a crazy one!

I've had so much going on in my personal life and have been away for the weekend as well (getting more tattoos!) that it's been super tricky for me to try to hit all my targets.

And so, I haven't...

And that's ok!

I've done what I can, given the circumstances!

Despite starting a steps monthly challenge for my clients, I've not hit my target daily as I'd have liked, and I've also only trained at the gym twice.

I've made the best choices I can but I also haven't denied myself the glass of wine I really, really wanted as we sat on a rooftop bar in Cornwall on a sunny Friday evening.

Salt bar - What a fab little find in Wadebridge, Cornwall!

I've moved as much as possible but not done as much sweaty exercise as I could, as microblading and tattooing requires serious aftercare and I've had both this week!

The tattooing was also in Cornwall, as I go down to tattooist and creative genius,Danielle Groves at her studio, so 6 hours of extra driving too!

Her work is quite simply, incredible ✨

Not much time for more movement when you're being tattooed for 6 hours straight 🥴

Sunday we had the theatre booked, so more driving and sitting down, so all in all it's been a pain in the butt of a week when it comes to moving more!

I really wasn't sure what to expect on the scales despite doing my very best to count calories but lots of my meals have been eaten out, or quick convenience foods that will be naturally higher in salt than home cooked meals.

The scales showed no change for me, which was infuriating as always (second week out of the 4 this has happened) however I remind myself, just like I did my client, that it doesn't mean I haven't made progress.

I also have a sneaky suspicion that the higher salt content in the food, which encourages water retention, will balance itself out in a few days and I will see a loss.

Either way, I'm continuing unphased and aware of my end goal.

I am so proud of the progress I've made but more importantly, that I've kept myself on track and accountable every week of this programme.

I've done this because I've shared my journey with you.

I've held myself accountable with these blogs.

And I will continue to do so, to show you that slow and steady really does win the race.

Interested in joining the next Fat Loss Programme?

It begins in 2 weeks... I have spaces for 6 women to join.

If you're interested, book now.

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