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Try for £5

Test drive a class, for just £5!

Come for a taster... we know you'll be back!

As a mum myself, I totally get that the thought of doing exercise, whilst having baby in tow, can seem a little daunting!

How will they react?

Will they cry?

What if they need feeding?

I'm not going to lie, it may take a few sessions for baby to settle in (like with any new experience!) whilst for others, they may just lay down and watch what's going on, listen to the music, play with the toys or bounce in the bouncer happily...

Or even better, they may sleep throughout the entire workout...  It does happen, on occasion!

However your little one is - sleepy, noisy, giggly, anxious, curious, weepy or anything in-between, I can promise you one thing, I've seen it all before!

No-one else in the class will bat an eyelid (everyone is far too busy keeping an eye on their own babes or getting their workout in!), least of all me, and if I have to run the entire class with a baby in my arms who needs comfort to help YOU get your workout in, so be it! Why do you think I lift weights?!

To help ease your mind about the class, I open the doors to all my Mum and baby classes for the last week of every month, to allow you to trial a class to see how you and your little one gets on!

To book, drop me an email or what's app on the details below letting me know which class you'd like to try, and you only need to pay £5 to give it a go.

Contact Me

Cwmbran NP44, UK

07515 167200

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