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Fat Loss & Me... Part 1

I have been lifting weights for around 4 years now and I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere... I think I can actually 'see' muscle now and I feel strong too!

Me during lockdown - online fitness classes kept my business afloat!

I have always been obsessed with losing weight, and if you're a woman in her 30s and older, you probably feel my pain.

I have NEVER liked the way I look, never felt I was 'skinny' enough or had a flat enough stomach like the models in the magazine.

Sadly, our generation were conditioned to believe we HAD to be thin, HAD to have a thigh gap and that our value was in how small a dress size we could fit into.

Hopefully now, times are changing, and we are moving to a more bad ass way of thinking - thick is IN ladies, and muscle has never looked sexier on a woman.

Setting up my own fitness business has given me the confidence I always wanted, and it's nothing to do with the way I look!

Thankfully after re-training as a fitness instructor and then a personal trainer, I finally learned the key to REAL fat loss, and would you believe it - it's really not rocket science!

We have been BRAINWASHED to believe fat loss is complicated, hard and almost impossible for most.

We get OVERPROMISED by fad, toxic diets and SOLD A DREAM that 'quick fixes' exist.

This is simply, NOT TRUE.

Most of us know the truth by now, dieting and real fat loss takes commitment, discipline and education.

Most importantly, it takes consistency.

And, accountability.

This is where I come in!

The Mamau Ffit Fat Loss & Fitness Programme launched in 2021 and has seen some incredible results!

I was in two minds about setting up a Fat Loss Programme because I don't want women to ever feel like they 'need' to lose weight, or change the way they look.

I try to centre everything I do, especially in the fitness forum, around how exercise makes us feel and not how it makes us look.

That being said, I'd never lie and say my weight doesn't bother me and that sometimes I WANT to lose fat - especially if I have a holiday or event coming up!

And surely, there's nothing wrong with that too?

Hearing my clients trying quick fix diets and slimming clubs saddened me because I feel there's not true education with any of these diets. People aren't learning about their own bodies and there's a lot of shame and guilt involved in them - and public weighing?! Gross!

So, the Mamau Ffit Fat Loss Programme began, and I set up a programme that worked with the individual, based around their own lifestyle and habits and worked from there out.

This incredible transformation was made in just ONE MONTH!

I want to make it clear that there is no special trickery or magic in what I do or how this programme works.

In fact, it's that straightforward I'm going to take you on the journey of the programme myself, as I follow it to the letter over the next 6 weeks.

I also have 6 lovely clients who are also following the plan with me this time round, I usually have space for up to 8 each round (6 weeks).

I'll let you know what my targets are, and how I base my targets to my clients.

I'll let you know what I'm focusing on each week, and what I've posted to motivate and encourage clients to continue.

I'll take you through what I do to keep myself full, what I do to get my activity levels up and how I face those days when I really can't be bothered.

I'll share my own before, during and after photos, measurements and stats and how I'm feeling week on week - honestly and truthfully!

So if you're interested in following my journey, check out Part 2 to see how my first week has gone!

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