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Mamau Ffit

Whatever stage of motherhood you’re at - bump, birth and beyond, let me help you on your health and wellness journey.

“When I first met Deb I was suffering from postnatal anxiety so very rarely felt comfortable attending any sort of class environment, but Deb was so understanding, friendly and welcoming

I aim to support Mums in their physical recovery - before, during and after birth with expert advice and tailored fitness guidance.

Being a mother isn’t easy, so it’s vital that you look after your health, in every sense of the word. 

“I did an online core strengthening program to help me with sciatica and bladder weakness

I was so impressed by Deb’s knowledge on everything related to maternal health fitness and wellbeing”

With the knowledge, tools, guidance and expertise I can offer, you can be reassured, I will help you navigate this exciting and incredible time and keep both your body and mind, strong as a mother!

I’ve seen such a change in both my physical and mental health through attending Deb’s classes and joining the community,

 I can’t recommend her enough!”

From online workshops and workouts to antenatal, postnatal and even ladies only classes in the local area, there really is something for everyone.

“Deb is very open, fun and supportive, which is totally what you need as a mum, whether new or ‘old’ (my kids are 11 and 8)”

For those a little further along on their postpartum journey, or even those that are child-free, I aim to offer progressive programmes to support your continuing fitness journey from beginner to advanced and anything in-between.

​“All that’s left to say is try it and see for yourself - you’ve really got nothing to lose. 

I’m so glad I did.”


My Story

Level 3 Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist and Mama of 2 to Maggie & Arthur.

unnamed (45).jpg

I struggled with post-natal depression after the birth of my second child, just over 4 years ago, and after a crazy journey of self-discovery in 2019, I found that fitness become my outlet and saviour.

My new-found love (and obsession) with fitness and passion for helping other Mums struggling with their mental health made me take the plunge to completely change direction in life, so I left retail for good in 2019 and retrained as a fitness instructor and bought into a major UK franchise.

I set up my first fitness franchise in Jan 2020 and was closed down not even 3 months later due to a worldwide pandemic!

However, the online community I built and the knowledge I gained during the 18 months of on and off again virtual and physical classes was invaluable and I decided to go it alone...

And that is how Mamau Ffit was born.

Translated from Welsh it means "Fit Mums" and my passion is helping women unlock their inner strength!


One thing I really wanted to do with running things 'my way' is set up a Community Outreach Project to allow Mums free access to my classes.

You can find out more about this below!

Client Reviews


Deb is an INCREDIBLE fitness instructor. Perfect for all women who want to improve their fitness levels and challenge themselves - plus she’s hilarious, which makes doing thousands of squats just that little bit easier!

Kate Llewellyn

Current Mamau Ffit Member

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