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Safe Space Community Fitness

Free exercise classes for ladies

As part of the 'Safer Streets' Campaign, I am delighted to team up with Gwent Police Force to offer free fitness classes for any females who need a safe space to exercise in.

Classes will be held -

Llanteilio Pertholey Community Centre, Abergavenny - Mon @ 1pm

These classes are designed to build confidence, improve fitness and strength and provide a welcoming, inclusive and friendly workout environment.

The workouts will suit ladies both new to fitness or those regularly exercising, as different levels of each exercise will be shown for progression - if you can't run, you can march, if you can't jump, you can rise onto your toes. Don't let your current level of fitness stop you from starting!

Children are welcome and catered for and toys, playmats and bouncers are available to use throughout the class, meaning there is no barrier for local ladies of the community to attend.

Exercise is a crucial part of building self-esteem and inner confidence, it not only keeps us physically fit, but just as importantly, it keeps us mentally strong too.

You don't have to be a Mum to attend, all ladies, of all ages are welcome - pre and postnatally too, with the minimum age for a new mum being 8wks postpartum to attend in line with NICE guidance.

If you feel a place on our funded safe space fitness class would benefit you, or you have been referred to the class via your local Police Force or another community organisation then drop me an email and let me know which class you'd like to attend and I'll book you in!

Email: info@mamauffit.com 

See also our COMMUNITY SPACES PROJECT for more ways to access free classes, look for this on the website drop down list above!