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Running with a buggy…

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Make sure to read this before you lace up those trainers!

So, baby is here, you’re feeling ready to get back to exercise, you want something you can do with little one and running seems like the best option right?

Well, without bursting your bubble, it’s probably not the best option immediately post birth for many reasons (think of that pelvic floor for a start!), EVEN if you were a keen runner before and during pregnancy.

Paula Radcliffe herself returned to running too soon after the birth of her child and ended up with an injury and having to take extra time off to rehabilitate - so even the athletes need to listen to this!

It’s not to say you can’t get back to it, but there are many things you need to consider first, for both you and little one!

Read on for some top tips on returning to running post-baby, plus the most important part - the safety expectations you need to meet before you run with a baby in tow!


Running is HIGH impact - your body needs to be strong enough to handle this. Pregnancy and birth weakens your muscles including your core and pelvic floor - work on this in a low impact way to rebuild strength BEFORE you add the impact of running.

  • Do you leak with impact?

  • Do you still suffer with hip/ knee/ pelvis/ back pain?

  • Is your core weak - can you balance on one leg without your knee folding inwards or being unsteady?

  • Do you have stomach separation?

  • Are you breast feeding?

  • Are you a minimum of 12wks pp?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then focus on gentle rehabilitation and low impact strength work to slowly rebuild your body - a postnatal fitness specialist like myself can help you with this.

Our Mum & Baby: Recover classes are the perfect first step to postnatal fitness!


If you want to add your baby into your run there are LOTS of important factors to consider.

  • Is your baby old enough to take the motion of buggy running?

Babies should be a minimum of 6 months before you run with them, this is because their neck muscles are not strong enough to take the jerkiness of running. This is a bare minimum, experts would add an extra 3 months to this to really air on the side of caution.

  • Do you have a specialist running buggy?

You categorically CANNOT go running with a normal pram or buggy, they are not designed for that type of movement and impact - running buggies are pricey and MUST be ‘suitable for running’ - this is the bare minimum requirement. You may end up not only damaging your buggy, but injuring your little one in the process!

  • Do you have a wrist strap?

Sounds silly, but it’s so important to have a good hold of your buggy - with a simple wrist strap. If you tripped and lost hold of your buggy it could be catastrophic. With a strap the pram would stay with you, and not whizz off in the direction of danger.

Ok, so are we ticking all those boxes?

Brilliant, once your body is feeling strong enough to start - build up gradually and slowly and focus on good running technique and using your core and leg muscles to carry you and little one onwards for your new adventures together.

My Pram Ffit classes are a great alternative in that inbetween stage, or if you don’t want to fork out for a fancy running buggy!

I don’t ask anyone to run with their buggies and exercise is low impact for those who need it, with harder options shown ONLY if you’re feeling up to it.

You can squat, lunge, have a brisk walk or run back and fore to your little one and play peekaboo at the same time!

It's great to include baby in your workout - but we want it to be safe and right for both Mum & little one.

Cwmbran Pram Ffit classes run every Friday @ 9.30am - to book, head over to the website now!

Newport Pram Ffit classes run every Monday @ 12pm and we go for a catch up cuppas afterwards too - squats & socials!

Also bookable on the website now!

Beechwood park Pram Ffit classes run from April- September!

For more info on early postnatal classes, Pram Ffit or ladies only classes check out the website or feel free to drop me an email for anymore help or advice on any postnatal fitness issue you need!


Deb Xx

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